The team at Hibernating House have been dedicated in researching and developing the first WaterWatcher System on the Australian market. Water experts have been working around the clock to bring you the revolutionary WaterWatcher Systems, putting YOU back in control of your water supply.


With features that allow households to:

arrow Visualise LIVE water usage, watching litres tick over one by one
arrow Budget for water bills with the Counter feature
arrow Eliminate risk of burst pipes while the family is holidaying
arrow Educate households on water consumption and water conservation
arrow Set daily water usage targets
arrow Be alerted to water leaks within the property through automatic

pressure test


The features of the WaterWatcher Systems are endless, putting YOU back

in control of your water supply.


Did you know…..


Water companies charge customers via a tear system, the more you use the higher rates you pay, a real sting for families! Click here to find out how you are being charged.


New Products

Water Watcher 2000

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