The WaterWatcher Systems were designed and developed by husband and wife team Karl and Katie Forti, the directors of Melbourne based plumbing business, Your Waterworx. The business aims to help households control and monitor their water usage and protect against unidentified water leakages in the home or business.

Karl is a full-time plumber of 10 years and noted a need for a water monitoring product- Nothing like it is offered anywhere around the world, Australian owned and made product, manufactured and produced on Melbourne soil.

Over the research and development stages of the Hibernating House systems, Karl liaised with several water experts and his head electrical engineer Daniel Atkinson, creating two models that will help save every customer time and money.

Until now Australians have had no control over their water usage or their water bills, WaterWatchers put the household back in control, offering them detailed and accurate information on their water consumption.